A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting Your Service Start Date

A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting Your Service Start Date


Jun 10, 2024

A guide to Texas electricity sign-up: dates, fees, and provider comparison.

Early Enrollment: General Guidelines
Typically, Texans can enroll in a new electricity plan 30 to 90 days before their desired service start date. This window allows for smooth transitions between providers or moving into a new home.

Provider-Specific Early Enrollment Periods:

APG&E: 30 days
4Change Energy: 45 days
Abundance Energy: 45 days
Express Energy: 45 days
Veteran Energy: 45 days
Amigo Energy: 60 days
Champion Energy: 60 days
Cirro Energy: 60 days
Constellation: 60 days
Direct Energy: 60 days
Discount Power: 60 days
Flagship Power: 60 days
Green Mountain Energy: 60 days
Just Energy: 60 days
New Power Texas: 60 days
Payless Power: 60 days
Pulse Power: 60 days
Reliant: 60 days
Rhythm Energy: 60 days
Tara Energy: 60 days
Varsity Energy: 60 days
Frontier Utilities: 90 days
Gexa Energy: 90 days
Octopus Energy: 90 days
Ohm Connect: 90 days
TXU Energy: 90 days

Setting Your Service Start Date
When setting up your start date, consider your current contract's end date, potential moving dates, and the provider's policy.

Navigating Early Termination Fees
Avoid early termination fees by aligning your new service start date with the end of your current contract. Most providers offer a grace period for contract termination, usually within 14 days of the contract's end.

Understanding the service start date policies of Texas electricity providers is crucial. By careful planning, you can avoid extra fees and ensure a seamless transition to your new energy service.


  1. What is the standard early enrollment period for electricity plans in Texas?
    Generally, you can sign up 30 to 90 days in advance, depending on the provider.
  2. How can I switch electricity providers without paying an early termination fee?
    Align your new service start with the end of your current contract, utilizing any grace periods offered.
  3. Do all Texas electricity providers offer the same flexibility for service start dates?
    No, there’s significant variation among providers, with some offering more flexibility than others.
  4. What should I consider when setting my electricity service start date?
    Consider your current contract end date, moving schedule, and the provider’s policy.
  5. When is the best time to switch electricity providers in Texas?
    Ideally, switch when your current contract ends or during off-peak seasons for better rates.

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