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Meet our award-winning team of reporters and editors. They take pride in delivering the most relevant news, insights, and analysis to guide your electricity journey.


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Since 2021, Gatby has been your go-to authority on everything energy-related. This enduring commitment thrives through our passionate reporters and editors. Their extensive expertise and profound knowledge empower them to deliver reliable news and insightful analysis you can depend on.

We are passionate about giving consumers the information they need to make educated decisions about their home’s energy.

Gatby reporters and editors

Gatby Editorial Guidelines

At Gatby, our No. 1 priority is you. That’s why we share things like how we make money and uphold editorial guidelines to ensure integrity. And we do it all so you can enjoy our tools, advice, and recommendations with clarity and confidence.

Key principles

Editorial independence is a core value. Our editorial advice, recommendations and product assessments are not influenced by business partners, whether internal or external. We are transparent in how we make money and how we rate products.

Editorial independence

The editorial team at Gatby  is committed to accurate, inclusive, and actionable content that inspires and serves all readers. Our editorial principles and practices guide the ways in which we source, report, write, and edit our stories. We follow a rigorous fact-checking process and correct errors fully and promptly.

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Guiding you on your energy journey

Got electricity questions? Gatby has the answers. For a decade, our experts have been helping you master your energy needs. We are dedicated to offering consumers expert advice and essential tools to navigate every step of their energy journey successfully.

We're open about how we deliver quality content, competitive rates, and useful tools to you by clearly explaining how we make money.

Gatby is an independent, advertising-supported publisher and comparison service. We receive compensation for featuring sponsored products and services or when you click on certain links on our site. This compensation may influence the placement, order, and appearance of products within listing categories. Additionally, factors such as our proprietary website rules, product availability in your area, contract length, and electricity usage can affect product placement. While we strive to offer a broad range of options, Gatby does not include every electricity plan or service available.

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