The Story Behind Gatby's Name and Logo

The Story Behind Gatby's Name and Logo


Jun 11, 2024

We’re on a mission to make electricity shopping easy and created a brand to embody this.

Founded in 2023, our company serves deregulated energy markets, simplifying the process of choosing the right electricity plan.

But what is the name Gatby? And what’s the story behind our distinctive logo?

The Birth of Gatby

The name "Gatby" came to our founder, Ben Thomas, with ease. It’s the name we gave our logo’s character, an alien, otherwise known as "the Naut." We wanted the Naut to embody the voice and spirit of our company. The name Gatby is not only easy to say and spell but also has a cool ring to it that perfectly matches our brand’s innovative and playful ethos.

Crafting the Logo: A Blend of Texas Spirit and Alien Charm

Our logo features the Naut, a cowboy alien - an ode to our Texan roots. The Naut rocks a cowboy hat and boots while holding an electricity gun, symbolizing our expertise in the energy sector. We found the perfect shade of green to represent our alien character. Then we used the psychology of color to promote transparency, playfulness, and innovation.

The cowboy elements were a no brainer being a Texas company. The combination of an alien and cowboy get up creates a unique and memorable character that stands out in the energy market.

Evolution and Identity

The Naut has become much more than just a logo; it’s the identity of our company. The Naut’s distinctive look captures attention and sparks curiosity. When our team members wear Naut-themed shirts, they are always asked about what it is or where they can get one. This curiosity and engagement are exactly what we aim for – inspiring originality and connection with our audience.

Conveying Our Message

When customers see our logo, we want them to feel inspired, curious, and joyful. Our goal is to present a fun and playful brand that removes the frustration often associated with choosing an electricity plan. The Naut represents a fresh, engaging approach to energy shopping, making the process not only simpler but also more enjoyable.

At Gatby, we believe that our name and logo depict our mission and values perfectly. Gatby, The Naut, is more than just an alien with a cowboy hat – it’s a symbol of our commitment to innovation, transparency, and customer satisfaction. So, the next time you see Gatby, remember that he IS — easier and more enjoyable electricity shopping.

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Brenna Swientonioski

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