Who Do I Contact When There Is A Power Outage??

Who Do I Contact When There Is A Power Outage??


Jun 11, 2024

You should contact your utility company to report a power outage near you.

Who Can Help In a Power Outage? The Role of Your TDSP

When you receive electricity at your home, there's a lot more involved than just the energy you purchase from your retail provider. The behind-the-scenes players in this process are the Transmission and Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs), who are responsible for delivering electricity to your home through an extensive infrastructure network.

What Does a TDSP Do?

Your TDSP handles the maintenance and operation of the infrastructure that brings electricity to your doorstep. This includes:

  • Wires
  • Transformers
  • Poles

These components are essential for the delivery of electricity, ensuring it reaches you safely and efficiently. TDSPs are also the entities you should contact in case of power outages or issues with downed power lines.

Reporting Outages and Issues

Since TDSPs manage the delivery infrastructure, it's crucial to report any power outages or downed lines directly to them. They have the tools and resources to address these issues promptly.

Below is the contact information for various TDSPs in Texas:

CenterPoint Energy



Texas-New Mexico Power

Lubbock Power & Light


Understanding the role of your TDSP is vital for ensuring that you know who to contact when there are issues with your electricity delivery. While the retail electricity provider you picked through Gatby supplies your electricity, the TDSPs are responsible for the physical delivery to your home. Keep this information handy so you can quickly report any outages or issues and get them resolved efficiently.

For more details on how electricity is delivered to your home and what to do in case of outages, make sure to reach out to your respective TDSP using the contact information provided above.

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