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Electricity rates in Texas are trending upward due to increased demand, supply chain disruptions, and regulatory changes. To avoid future price hikes, it is crucial for consumers to lock in a plan now. Fixed-rate plans offer financial security and stability, making it easier to manage monthly expenses. To choose the right plan, compare offers from various providers, focusing on contract length and rate per kilowatt-hour, and ensure there are no hidden fees. By acting now, you can safeguard your household budget against rising electricity costs and enjoy predictable energy expenses.

How to choose the right plan term length for you

Choosing the right electricity plan term length is crucial for managing your energy costs effectively. Start by assessing your long-term needs and stability. Short-term plans, typically lasting 6 to 12 months, offer flexibility if you anticipate moving or expect significant changes in your energy usage. Long-term plans, ranging from 24 to 36 months, provide price stability and protection against market fluctuations, making them ideal if you have a stable living situation. Consider the rate per kilowatt-hour and any potential fees associated with early termination. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select the plan term length that best suits your lifestyle and financial goals.

ProviderRateTerm LengthTDSP
APG&E Energy13.2 ¢
1000 kWh
9 monthsCenterpoint

The average rate for July 20, 2024 is 14.25¢ per kWh.

Weekly Average Electricity Rates

Best 9 Month Rates by Provider

ProviderBest RateAverage RateTerm LengthTDSPs
Rhythm Energy
12.22 ¢
1000 kWh
14.74 ¢
1000 kWh
9 MonthsAEP Texas North, AEP Texas Central, Oncor, Centerpoint, TNMP
APG&E Energy
12.30 ¢
1000 kWh
15.83 ¢
1000 kWh
9 MonthsAEP Texas North, AEP Texas Central, Oncor, Centerpoint, TNMP, LPL

How to get the best 9 month electricity rate

Finding the best 9-month electricity rate in Texas through Gatby is straightforward and efficient. Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons, you may start by filtering for 9-month plans on our website. Gatby provides detailed information on rates per kilowatt-hour, contract terms, and any potential hidden fees. By leveraging Gatby's comprehensive platform, you can easily compare and select the most cost-effective 9-month electricity rate in Texas!

Pros and cons of a 9-month plan

Pros of a 9-month plan

Enrolling in a 9-month electricity plan in Texas offers a balanced approach to managing energy costs. It provides moderate flexibility, allowing you to adjust your plan within a reasonable timeframe while still benefiting from more stable rates than shorter-term plans. The 9-month duration often aligns well with seasonal changes, enabling you to avoid peak summer or winter rates during renewal periods. This term length also allows you to evaluate market trends and potentially secure better rates without committing to a long-term contract.

Cons of a 9-month plan

Enrolling in a 9-month electricity plan in Texas has some disadvantages. This term length may result in higher rates compared to longer-term plans, as providers often charge a premium for shorter commitments. Additionally, the need to renew your plan every nine months can be inconvenient and may expose you to fluctuating market rates during renewal periods. If market prices rise significantly, you might end up paying more than if you had locked in a longer-term rate. Furthermore, the frequent renewal process can be time-consuming and may involve early termination fees if you need to switch plans before the term ends.

9-month electricity plan FAQs

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